The overarching theme for this year’s Mental Health Education Conference is ‘Reporting Mental Health in Media: Words Matter’. 

The Sub-themes for the Conference are as follows – you may choose to make your submissions along these or any other related topics:

  1. Reducing stigma towards mental health through media
  2. Responsible media reporting on/ about mental health
  3. Impact of the mass media on images/perspectives of mental illness held by public/community
  4. Sensible/ Positive portrayal of mental illness in Audio-visual media
  5. Effective utilization of media for improving mental health literacy/education
  6. Influences of media on compiling mental health policy
  7. Maintaining sensitivity in Reporting mental health and/or people with mental health issues in the news media.
  8. Developing culturally sensitive media portrayals on mental illness
  9. Developing and identifying strategies for effective media portrayal of mental illness.
  10. The effectiveness of anti-stigma campaigns in Media.
  11. Other themes relating to the topic of Mental Health and media.