Story Telling for Mental Health

What do you do in your leisure time?  Daydream? Think about scenarios? We at MHECON2018 have a great opportunity for all you wordsmiths. Gather your ideas together and put them on a paper or even better on your laptop and send it to us.

The entries have to be sent at

Submission Guidelines

  • The entries have to be submitted by 28th February, 2018.
  • Subject matter: The subject matter shall be from the aspect of Mental Health and Mental Health Education, covering the aspects of Prevention/ Promotion/Awareness.
  • Word limit: 600 words
  • Give a title to your writing
  • Mention the keywords or hashtags if any that would go along with the story.
  • Keep the subject of the email as “Scribbler: Story Telling for Mental Health” for our convenience.
  • Name, Contact details (number), Place of Stay, Profession, Organization associated to (if any) have to be mentioned in the mail.