Picture Perfect

Photography for Mental Health

Every Picture tells a story, and that’s what we want you to do this year. Keeping in mind this year’s theme for the conference “Changing landscapes in Mental Health Education: Across the lifespan”. We are inviting all the Photography enthusiasts with or without a DSLR. So get your camera’s ready and tell us your story.

Submission Guidelines

  • All Entries should be submitted by 28th February, 2018
  • A High Quality Image clicked in the Landscape mode
  • Your Accompanying Story in not more than 100 words
  • Please send all entries in PDF format to nimhansmhecon@gmail.com
  • Kindly keep the subject of the mail as “Picture Perfect: Photography for Mental Health” for our convenience. In the mail, mention your name, contact details (number),place of stay, profession, organization associated to (if any).
  • Mention the keywords or hashtags if any that would go along with the picture.
  • Subject Matter: Prevention/Promotion/Awareness in the area of Mental Health

Can you do it Better?

My preferences are divergent
My outlook towards life is different
My appearance is a little unusual
My behaviors are atypical
I am unique
I am human
I belong to the same origin
But why am I still struggling to blend in!?