Brief Documentary

Visual media has been a part of the healthcare industry for more than a century now. Do you think it’s time we up the game?  Here’s an exciting opportunity for you all, wear the director’s hat and shoot a short video.

The entries have to be sent at

Submission Guidelines

  • The entries have to be submitted by 28th February, 2018.
  • Subject matter: The subject matter shall be from the aspect of Mental Health and Mental Health Education, covering the aspects of Prevention/ Promotion/Awareness.
  • Duration: not less than 1 minute and not more than 5 minutes (excluding official title cards at beginning and end).
  • Dialogue, written text and any other language use can be done. In case of videos with language other than English, English subtitles (not dubbed) have to be included.
  • Mention the keywords or hashtags if any that would go along with the video.
  • High Quality video has to be made.
  • Keep the subject of the email as “Captcha- Brief Documentary” for our convenience.
  • The video has to be uploaded on YouTube under unlisted category. The link then has to be copied and shared with a 100 word description of the storyline. Name, Contact details (number), Place of Stay, Profession, Organization associated to (if any), Mode used for shooting (Camera, mobile camera, video camera etc) have to be mentioned in the mail.